Sunday, December 7, 2008

Crazy Puppies

I have to share this picture (apologize for pic quality, taken with phone)/story with you because I think it is too funny!!


This picture is of Mom's dog, Freckles.  Now for the story...

Rat terriers have this thing when it's cold where they shiver all the time.  Where we have gotten sweaters for them in the past (no, before these two we've never dressed our dogs) but they've actually grown out of them.  Except for Bandit's which she just so happened to lose the other week.

Mom got them new sweaters.  Bandit must be somewhat used to the torture I put her through, however when Mom put Freckles' sweater on she went immobile.  She acted like she couldn't/wouldn't move.  Unfortunately, we were about to leave for at least a couple of hours so we made her move.

She runs ahead of us and promptly lays across the stair and says then NOW! I'm not moving.  We had to walk over her.  And here is where she stayed even as we drove off.


Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Oh gosh that's hilarious!!! We've only ever had BIG dogs....and I'm soooooo not trying to dress either of them!!! LOL