Thursday, January 28, 2010

Coming to You Live

From California at least.  Today was the last day of CHA Trade Show.  This week was a total and complete blast.  Granted a little exhausting ok, you twisted my arm A LOT exhausting.  I will try to break down what I saw and who I saw and some of the new goodies.  One of those was today when I was walking around with Kelly Alvarez, aka Lawn Fawn Cards.  She’s one of the sweetest.


We were able to learn about this new company called ScraPerfect.  They have 4 new really great products and it’s was all developed by a stay at home mom, how cool is that?  Gotta love us smart chicas.

One of them, is called the Embellie Gellie.  This is perfect for picking up your small embellishments.  For me when I saw this I immediately thought of Mini Rhinestones by Zva.  It has an automatic release.  I can’t wait to get home & try this bad boy.

Second, the Perfect Printing Pouch.  I wish I could remember all the ways they told us we could use this product but I’ll try to outline some of them for you.

  • Preps vellum for your markers so they won’t smear (wonder how this will make them work with Copics)
  • Doesn’t leave white powder on your project like an Embossing Buddy.
  • It preps all kinds of surfaces to make it easier like wood, clay, etc.
  • Deactivates adhesive if you have any showing extra on your project.
  • Plus they have two different styles you can get them in depending on what you prefer.  One with a strap and the other is just handheld.

Then, the Perfect Cleaning Cloth.  It’s good for cleaning up fingerprints and powders off of your projects.  You can even use on your glass.  Here’s the kicker…wait for it…it’s washable.   NICE!!!, right?  Where other products might have left residue on your black cardstock, one swipe of the PCC and you would never have known.

Last & certainly not least, the Embellie Glue.  Right now it is in just prototype stage however what they showed us was really nice.  It’s super tacky & dries clear, it is a liquid.  You can use it even on ribbon but the good thing with this one as opposed to other liquid adhesives out there with ribbon it won’t soak through.  You can even use it to glue onto fabric and after setting for 48 hours it can be thrown into a dryer & come out great.


StampinCathy said...

Glad you had a blast at CHA! WOW! The products all sound fabulous and sounds like all crafters need them. Can't wait to get my hands on these sweet things.

~kelly marie~ said...

Love this review! It was so fun to walk around and discover awesome new product with you!

Carolyn King said...

It was great to see you Sara!!! Glad you had fun!!! Great review of stuff (some that I hadnt seen!)