Tuesday, April 29, 2008

He Just Doesn't Understand

So earlier today I called my sister to tell her that I just got a new bed (sidenote: I'm so excited because the bed I have is a hand-me-down from my parents & is about as old as I am. Anyway, I have back problems & lately my back has really been giving me problems. Anyway, I digress).

Abra was in the car with Liam, my nephew, they had just come from registering him for Kindergarten. Liam asked to talk to me which it's not like I was going to tell him no. As soon as he gets on the phone this is how the conversation goes "I went to big boy school but I can't start until I'm 5, I'm not 5 yet, I'm only 4. I have to wait until I'm 5, I'm just 4 now when I'm 5 then I can go to big boy school." Keep in mind during this whole thing there were no breathes taken. It was so cute.

I told him then I don't want him to go to big boy school that I just want him to stay my little boy. Which he tells me "I'll still be your boy" & told him "NO! my little boy!" And that's when I realized he just doesn't understand.

See for the first two years of his life my sister & him lived with me, so for that time period I helped raise him. In a way, I feel like he was my baby, at least for that time. Now I realize that Abra got married & he has a daddy now but he will always be more than a nephew to me. He's my little boy no matter how big he gets.


The Lucky Clucker said...

Very Sweet! It is so hard sometimes........just love him all you can!

~Michelle~ said...

what a darling little boy! Hug him lots!!

Alex said...

oh bless that brought tears to my eyes, he will always have a hugely special place in your heart, and always be the very best nephew you could ever have, xx plus hes very cute, lol xx