Thursday, April 15, 2010

Eureka Moment!!

OnesieExAs some of you may know I’ve been using iron ons quite a bit lately and playing with them.  I’ve had some fun but while having fun, there’s been a burning question in the back of my mind.  See I’ve been coloring with copics after I’ve ironed my image on.  Which is great but sometimes I’ve had problems where the ink would run over the line.  Well with fabric, it’s not that easy to colorless blender it back in place.  Case & point…see picture to your right. (All pictures are clickable so that you can see more detail).  Although you can get some of the color to go away, you can’t get it all to go away.  Which brings me to the burning question, could I color the iron on before I ironed?

So I did a patch test and found out I could.  My reaction?  YAHOO!!  The size of my patch test?  1/4” square this will become relevant in about 10 seconds.

Off I went to color my bigger image with my newfound information.  I was so happy.  My results (sorry in advance for my picture, I took after I took the others & didn’t feel like setting things up all over again so it’s a little blown out)…


Don’t know if you can tell but there’s a HUGE problem.  It started to clump up on the paper and the black of the ink started to run.  I was started to worry.  This isn't going to work like I wanted.  Back to the drawing board I went.  Then an epiphany hit me.   I had it.  Don’t color in circles like you do on normal paper!!  Don’t worry about shading, unless you really have to!!  So I started coloring in dots.  I laid on in dots, this is where a brush tip is really nice.  What are the results like?

OnesieMonkey Very clean lines!! Crisp!! I think it came out AWESOME!!  Want a side by side comparison…

OnesieSide Plus if you read Sherrie’s blog, she was saying it was good to heat set when you’ve colored with copics on fabric.  Now you’ve done it in one step.  COOL, right?

Stamps used The Greeting Farm & Pink Cat Studio.



Kim Muhl said...

This is awesome!!! You did great, chickie!!