Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bugs & More Bugs

Warning:  This is all personal and very picture intensive.

GiantInsectA couple of weeks ago Liam came down for a visit with my parents over the summer vacation.  I decided to kidnap him on Saturday for a day with me (MWAHAHAHAHA).  I had heard that  they were having a World of Giant Insects at one of the local museums and thought that would be a great idea, right?  hehe

We started the day off with picking lunch up and going to the day for lunch.  It was nice, turned out a little warm and he was already full of quite a bit of energy.  Which was not a problem because we were at a park and he could run around & when we went to the museum next he could take it out there.  However, he comes the fun part.  While we are sitting there eating our lunch, he starting complaining about all the… bugs… OH NO!  The flies and the ants.  I tell him honey we’re eating outside it kinda comes with the territory.  Did he want to go somewhere else?  No we are fine.  Ok, so we manage to finish lunch & I ask him if he wants to go for his surprise now.  He’s excited and off towards to the museum we go… me now a little apprehensive, him super excited.

We get there and the first thing we see is a person dressed up in a termite costume.  I should give you a little back story here.  When Liam was smaller and he saw anyone/anything dressed up he would climb you to get as far away as possible.  Thankfully I learn that day he’s gotten past that fear, he was even a little curious.  As we enter, this was the next thing we see…

PrayingMantisThat’s right a huge praying mantis, which Liam thought was cool.  As we continue in we go into this room with more giant replicas of bugs like beetles and grasshoppers & he FREAKS out!!  When I say freaks out I mean he starts ripping my arm out of its socket pulling me out of the room saying in a very loud & determined voice “SARA!!! I DO NOT LIKE BUGS!!”  You can imagine my surprise as we had just seen this praying mantis and didn’t have a problem.  I tried reassuring him but he was having none of it.  I told him ok, well let’s check out what else is here.  This is what he found next:

TattooLiam loves getting himself some tattoos.  When she asked where he wanted his, he said on his cheek because the girl that was putting them on had hers on her face.  He got a centipede.  It was so cute. (The funniest part about this was later after we left & got ice cream a lady about freaked out because she thought he had a real bug on his cheek) At least he was calm now.  We continued on a little further and then found,

RoachesRoachNow I’m not sure if you can tell what this is so let me tell you.  That ladies and gentlemen are racing cockroaches.  You heard me correctly…COCKROACHES.  HUGE ones.  They had about six of them.  You got to pick which one you wanted to race and if yours won you got a prize.  Nice, right? LOL.  You see Liam standing there, you see how far away from the table he is?  That’s because he didn’t want to race the cockroaches. I asked him later why not, he told me it was because he was afraid they were going to make him touch them.  Can you blame him on that one?  NOPE, not me.  He was upset though that that meant he didn’t get a prize though.  In case you can’t tell how big they are, I’ve given you a little close up of the lovelies.  We left that area right after we found out it included snakes.  He informed me he really didn’t like them, in that case I agree whole heartedly.

Onward we went, and I think this may have been one of Liam’s favorite areas… DiggingBones

He was “digging” up dinosaur ones.  He kept moving to as many areas as he could to find more.  After this we went to the Planetarium show and it was here Liam turns to me & says, “Sara, after this I think I want to go look at those big bugs”. I grinned & asked if he was sure, which he was…so we did.

Catepillar Grasshopper And so ends our adventures in Bug Land!!


Colleen Schaan said...

Okay... I could do without the bugs... especially the huge cockroaches...but this was just the cutest story! What an amazing day! (And what an adorable little guy!)