Thursday, August 5, 2010

Scrap Pink

CM784 Save the Tatas!!  At least that’s my theme for it, hehe.  Ok it’s not but I just love that mantra for Breast Cancer Awareness.

scrappinksmNext month Create~N~Crop Events is hosting an event called Scrap Pink where they will be making Breast Cancer Awareness the focus of the event.  Don’t get me wrong, we won’t be scrapping about b(oo)bies.  It just means that we will be making donations to Middle Georgia Susan G. Komen Foundation and Joanna McAfee Childhood Cancer Foundation from the proceeds.

Anywho, the point… guess you’re kinda wondering that.  I’m teaching my very first class.  I’m not assisting, I’m not demo-ing… I’m teaching a full blown class.  I’m kinda excited, kinda nervous.  I’m teaching a class on the different ways you can make flowers.  If you’re in the area, I would love for you to come play with me.

If you can’t come play but you would like to support the cause, let me know.  For more informa`tion on the entire event you can check out the site… SCRAP PINK!!



Kim Muhl said...

You are going to be GREAT!!! I wish we lived closer so I could come support you! Mwah!