Sunday, June 12, 2011

Getting My Manly On

For a lot of people this tends to be a real challenge.  I’m not an exception to this fact.  I think it tends to be the fact that we just don’t have a reason or want to go in that direction.  When people do they make really cute stuff.  So we decided for this challenge round we’d get manly.PlaidPrize

Our new sponsor for this month is Mod Podge/Plaid.  As some of you may know I’ve been showcasing this past week where you can really think outside the box for using your stamps.  I’m not going to change that any today because Mod Podge products are perfect for supporting that habit.  In fact, they sent us some awesome goodies to play with… the same ones we are going to be giving away as the prize this month.

There are some really awesome products.  From the different kinds of Mod Podge to the paint brushes to the Extreme Glitter then finally to the stencils.  You can go wrong.  And it was all fun to play with.  So what did I do with it all?

I made a candy jar.  Because who doesn’t have a sweet tooth?

I got my tall jar from Hobby Lobby.  I then prepped the bottom half with Mod Podge.  Then I started adding pieces of Pattern (when I say Pattern here I mean like from a dress pattern) that I had stamped Clock, Inspired by Donna Downey, Vintage Postcard, and Lovely Lilacs.  I Mod Podged these pieces on as I went.  I then added the Green Chevron looking ribbon.  And Viola!!!  The cool thing to me is it’s got a vintage look to it but doesn’t have a very feminine feel to it.


Now for those that are stopping by for the giveaway that I spoke about.  I’m giving away the tote I made on Day 4 of GIU.  The catch?  Leave a comment here.  If you would like an extra entry, participate in this challenge, then come back & let me know you did.  This means that the giveaway will be open until June 26th.

Thanks for stopping by today!!



lynn said...

love the vintage look, sara:)

michib said...

great idea - love it!! is this the new challenge for ATU?

chickadee3357 said...

Where is the candy for the candy jar? Very cool idea using pattern paper. I like it! Off to make something manly.

Kathy H said...