Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Growing in Unity–Day 2

Thanks everyone for coming back!!  I hope you enjoyed our metal sheet board from yesterday. 

Now onto today’s project and this may look complicated but I promise you is super simple.  It just may take a few steps.  I’ll show you first then explain.

You may recognize some of those images.  (Top Left going clockwise: Bee – The Best is Yet to Be; Good Times –  The Good Times October KoM 2008; Bird - The Best is Yet to Be; Flowers – Just Be You). 

What I did was get some polymer clay, now don’t think you have to go invest in a whole bunch of new stuff.  I got some from Walmart that was in the craft section but it was more in the kiddie side, it only cost about $6.  You work out your clay, then press your image in.  Use an Exacto knife to cut out each image.  Then into the oven it goes, then 15-20 minutes you have a blank canvas to work on.  Use whatever you like to decorate your surface.



I used Walnut Stain, Copic pen, pencil & Shimmer Blingz to color this pretty.


On this one, I used some more Shimmerz spray.  Then went to town with some Smooch in Gold & Siren for my sunset.  For the bird I just used Pool. 

Now I just have one word of caution when you are making/decorating your surface that you want your magnets to stick to, make sure they are magnetized metal.  I made that mistake first, kinda frustrating when you’re all done & proud of what you did and the magnets won’t stick…LOL.  OH well.

Thanks for stopping by today!



StampinCathy said...

I just love each of the magnets! Love the idea to use polymer clay and love how you colored each one. So inspiring and what a great idea for gifts too.

michib said...

Beautiful projects! I am loving seeing new ways to use my Unity stash :) Do you need to coat the stamps with anything before pressing into the clay so they don't stick?

Erin said...

seems so easy yet super creative! Great tips Sara love the fly one the best.

Ashley Nguyen Newell said...

CLAY?! You rock! I love all your fun elements you're working with this week!

Gwen said...

These are so cute, what a great idea! Would be a fun project to do with kids!

Carol said...

I never would have thought to stamp on clay!

Carol B

Ola said...

Gorgeous! I love the inspiration you're giving me with something I would have never thought of using!

Thank you so much for sharing!!!

okj83 at live dot com

Victoria said...

Not sure if my comment got saved so if it did you'll have it too. I love your creativity. You have a true gift!!

Jennine Chambers said...

Love it once again. I have some clay just waiting to be used. Thanks for the great idea!

Karen L said...

Oh, I just LOVE these!! I actually have some polymer clay sitting around somewhere and can't wait to get them out and do some stamping.

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

OHHHH! NOW I love these even more seeing the new pics! LOVE them! I love the coloring and the out of the box thinking for these stamps--you are amaZING!

sharon g said...

I must try this. Thanks for showing.

marilyn said...

HOW cool!!! LOVE this!