Friday, November 2, 2007

SAME Conference

So the conference I was at last week. WOW!! We had been planning it for the last two years and to say I had been involved would have been an understatement. When my boss 1st told me about it I had never even heard about it and had to go look up what it even was which by the way is Society of American Engineers for those that are curious. Anyway, when she first volunteered us it was just for registration but by the time it was all over with we were over golf and I was doing the website which if you want to see it's still up for now at
Over the course of this I got to meet some of the most wonderful people. Candyss, our event coordinator; Becky, one of the event chairs; Jay, the other event chair; Dan; Jennifer, ice breaker; Haley, the other ice breaker and these are just the main people. That's not even to mention the 2 star General I got out on the dance floor, hehe, yes I was a hero for one night.
But the best part was that even though it not only threathened to rain it threathened a tornado watch yet it cleared up long enough for them to play golf on the PGA rated Callaway Gardens Mountain View course and then it poured. YEAH!!
OK! Enough of my ramblings on this, when I get pics I will edit to put them in.