Saturday, November 10, 2007

She'll Be Coming Around the Mtn

Ok, so there were alot more the just she, ie me. There was me, my mom, dad, sister, her dh, ds, & in laws and we were coming around the mountain when we come. At least that's what my nephew and I were singing in the car to distract him from the fact that the stupid trees were hiding the mountain. Who knew that 4 yr olds would get mad at trees for doing that? Every year around this time of year we make a day of going to the mountains to see the changing of the leaves. My family has done this ever since my sister and I can remember. Now that Abra, my sister, is married; we include her extended family. This year we went to Anna Ruby Fall's near Helen, Georgia. We've been trying to go someplace different every year. We also got some family shots on Abra's camera which I can wait to see. I got some good landscape pics and candids. Here are some of those.
Abra & Me

Spencer (my bil) & Liam (nephew)