Friday, July 18, 2008

I know, I know

You think I am missing once again and I really don't blame you. However I have really good excuse(s), no really I do. This has been one crazy week.
  • Friday-Sunday- Family arrived from North Carolina & Illinois to visit

  • Monday - Had my 1st session with my personal trainer*

  • Tuesday - Just an inexplicable crazy day, then that evening I started having a migraine

  • Wednesday - In bed all day with above mentioned migrain...grrr!! And can barely walk due to 1st session with personal trainer.

  • Thursday - Went to see The Dark Knight - awesome movie and let me tell you Heath Ledger makes an very convincing demented person in his character.

  • Friday - Had 2nd session with personal trainer (worked upper body this time so maybe I will be able to walk...typing, crafts, etc. that may well be another story)
*Personal Trainer...I've decided after much thought and deliberation...hang on while I laugh at myself, to start using a personal trainer. A very close friend of our family (my mom & his mom are best friends) is a personal trainer. I'm not a very motivated person especially when it comes to exercise so when I found out Joey could help me out, I jumped at the chance. So, now I am working out twice a week with him while he is making sure I follow up on my homework for the rest of the week including eating properly.

Well, part of my homework this past week was to find pictures of myself from the past that I would like to look like eventually. Don't get me wrong a am very realistic person so I don't in anyway hope nor believe that I will ever be able to get down to the size or shape I was when I graduated high school. However, if I get anywhere close I will be extremely estastic. Here are the pictures I was talking about, one being from my graduation party...the other two from my cousin's wedding.


~Michelle~ said...

Good for you to get a personal trainer and get on track! I admire you....go, go, go! If you find my motivation somewhere, send it to me in a card! ;)

Jackie said...

I can totally relate to not being motivated to exercise! You are lucky to have a personal trainer and I'm sure it will help lots - I wish you the best of luck with your journey! It's not so much about losing weight as it is - or should be - about being healthier. At least that's what I keep telling myself :-)

Abra said...

I'm proud of you baby. I know you can do it.