Thursday, August 6, 2009

One More Thing

I wanted to give a big shout out to my dad. He was so amazing to my mom and me while we went down to Orlando. He drove us down, he even went with us on Friday. The funny thing is I don't know when it was that he gave up on looking around I just know that he found the comfortable chairs in the middle of the area and mom & I ended up dropping off our bags off with him. Saturday he insisted we take the car as he hung out at the room. I love my parents!!

Disclaimer: The picture to the left is not at CHA but at Stone Mountain a couple months before.

Now onto the one more thing. On Friday, Mom and I did a focus group. I don't know if you've done one of these before but they don't tell you what they're for before you get there. It just so happens that I was very familiar with the product before I got there (they were very surprised).

I had gotten probably about a year ago when Joan Fricker was offering them in her store on special. I immediately fell in love, in fact I had gotten one for my mom & sister. It's the main thing I use when I use adhesive and if they come out with what all they are talking with coming out it will be the only thing I will use.

In fact, I even upgraded to the larger one or the mambo jambo one because they are awesome.


Lori said...

Your dad sounds like a great guy! I have one of the Glue Gliders and love it--I'll look forward to their new stuff.

Have a great weekend!

AbraMichelle said...

I love my daddy.