Monday, September 21, 2009

One Crazy Busy Weekend

I had a blast this weekend and it all started Friday night...

We had a meet & greet at Dee Jackson's house. It started out all innocent where we were just going to sit around and chitchat eat and well just be friendly. HAHAHAHA!!! You get a bunch of stampers together what do you think is going to eventually happen? You got that right, we pulled out some stamps.
We did some "pre"-playing. You see Deb, Liz, & Gerrie (well some of Lisa too) trying out & demoing the KSS stamps.


We had about 17 people that came from the class spanning from CA, TX, IL, AL, FL & of course GA. It was so much not only getting to see people that I had met before but getting to know/meet people I hadn't met yet. On top of that it was a wonderful day of stamping & learning new techniques. A huge thanks to the wonderful ladies in the next two pictures for all they did in getting the workshop together.KSS Owner, Maria Colosimo and her best friend extraordinaire Traci.
Us paying rapt attention so we get every little tidbit
Then we got to work. Until we stamped our poor little fingers to the bone. lol


You would think that would be all, right? OH HOW WRONG YOU ARE!!! Lisa, Maria & Traci met up with me on Sunday for lunch and a tour of Macon so they could see the "true South". They wanted to see antebellum houses and other such Southern charms. Here are Lisa & Traci relaxing on the porch at the local Law School.I really hated to see the weekend end but I was totally exhausted. In fact, I did take a nap this day. I hope to see everyone again because I had so much fun!!


Kitchen Sink Stamps said...

How cute are you!!! :)

GEEZ! I look tired! LOL!!!!
Great shots Sara of a fun... and busy (for sure) weekend!
Thanks so much for the awesome tour! :)

Stay safe & dry! :)

Lisa Somerville said...

Thanks again for the awesome tour Sarah - was great to meet you at the KSS event! Looking forward to meeting again soon!

Dee Jackson said...

Hey Sara!! Your pictures are wonderful! It was a blast seeing you again:) LOL the write up is great!! i must say I'm shocked you were able to get that picture of me:) Next time I will have to watch you closer!!

Connie M. said...

Oh wow!! Sounds like you all had such a wonderful time! I so wish I could have been there!! Thanks so much for the recap of events...i can live vicariously through your post! LOL!!

Makiko Jones said...

Looks so fun!! I'm so glad you had a wonderful time with KS Crews!