Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Damage

Thanks everyone for your concern. I really appreciate it. My house really wasn't touched. However on our property had about 15 trees go down and our power didn't come back on until Tuesday night around 10 pm. Our garage had a tree go down on it and my grandmother's house (2 houses down) had a tree go down on the corner of her roof. Thankfully none of us were hurt and no real damage was done. Here's some pictures though.

These last two are my neighbors. The 1st one is my neighbor about three doors down and they lost 1/2 their house. The 2nd one is a house for sale about 1 mile up the road where as you can see a tree went through the house. So much for them selling it, at least for now.


~Michelle~ said...

Yikes! So glad to hear you made it through safely! What a mess to clean up after!!

Colleen said...

Sara, Just saw this... OMG. I'm so glad no one was hurt. This summer the storms have been really scary!

I can't wait for torndado season to be done!!!