Monday, October 13, 2008

A Digital Card

I was sitting at work today and I really didn't have much to do. I was sitting there sitting there staring at the new CPS sketch wishing that I was at home and could play with it. Then I thought why can't I now, I have a few digital kits here on my computer at work. Then I thought why not? And this is what I came up with a digital card. Don't worry I don't think this is something I will do on a regular basis. It's not because it was hard and it's not because it too a lot of time. I just like to get my hands "dirty", do you know what I mean?
All papers are from J. Sprague Strawberry Lemondade Kit. So is the Paisley Ribbon. The brads are from J. Hosford Love Notes Kit. The Rose is a Photoshop Brush from Inobscuro and the Scattered Leaves is from a brush set called Natural Brushes.