Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cherry Blossoms

I have a confessions...I really like Cherry Blossom time. I like that right before the Bradford Pears bloom, then the Cherry Blossom trees bloom and they are gorgeous. Where I live they have like a two week festival for it so that means there are cherry blossom trees everywhere. I love it!! We usually go to at least one event or one day of the festival every year since we moved here. If you ever come let me know and we can check out together. So the point of my ramble...this past weekend when my nephew, Liam was in town we took him to Central City Park for the fair and to see the Sea Lions.

I really don't have any pictures of the Sea Lions because this is the first year they were here. For the past say 4 years they have had tigers, which don't get me wrong are wonderful and majestic creatures, but they got kinda old to see every year. When you go to see the Sea Lions right now it's jam packed, you're doing really good to get anywhere near. I did get a couple of pics like of Liam's "tattoo" and of him on the ferris wheel with me.

This brings me to my next topic, Ashley challenged us to a new shop, alliebeans, for this week for the etsy challenge and you'll guess what they had in the come on guess? Ok, I'll wait. Oh you already guessed...I know it was easy. That's right something cherry blossom, so you know I had to do it.
Stamp: Unity Stamp Co - Feb KOM Endings & Beginnings, Hey Chick; Ink: Versafine Black; Paper: Archivers Pink & Red, Digital Paper printed on GA Pacific White, GA Pacific White; Other: SU Marker, Stickles, SU Punch, Misc Ribbon


AbraMichelle said...

Nice. You silly goose.

Ashley said...

This is such a cute card Sara! I love the little birdies! I love Cherry Blossoms too, I wish this time of year was longer but then the wind picks up and they are all gone.