Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I've Been Photo Tagged

Jimmi tagged me the other day but I've been a slacker about getting this posted...

Here are the rules:
•Open your photo folder on your computer
•Open the 6th folder of photos
•Select the 6th picture
•Post the picture on your blog with a description
•Invite six friends to join the challenge
•Link your six friends to your blog post

This is a brave game for me because the 6th pics folder on my computer is titled "Delete" and has all the crappy pics in it that I don't want people to see...but I was honest and I am posting it...this is the 6th pic in the 6th folder on my computer:

This isn't of my baby. This is of Mom's brat Freckles. She was over visiting and had decided to use my laundry basket as a bed. I thought it was kinda cute so I took a pic.

Now for the 6 friends I'm supposed to tag...
Abra Leah
Lee M