Monday, November 24, 2008

Craft Day & Candy Winner

Ok, yesterday I had the following conversation with my nephew:

Liam:  I don't have a mask.  I sure would like to have a mask.

Sara:  What kind of mask?

Liam:  A lion mask.

Sara:  Would you like to make it?

Liam:  YEAH!!!

And so proceeded to have our craft day.  Now let me explain some back thinking on my part (misguided as it was).  Here I was thinking, this is cool.  He will be working on his mask and I can get some work done in my craft room while he does it.  Let me resummarize that thought in one word....HA!!!!

I had to be involved in the entire process.  It was very fun.  First LionColoringhe wanted a front and back to his mask.  And this was to be no typical lion mask, he wanted his lion to be multicolored. (WARNING: My craft room looks like it has exploded.  Please ignore this fact)  Then when he colored the back and was finished, he wanted to put his name on it.

If this weren't all enough, I asked him, "Liam, would you like to add leaves?".  "No."

"Would you like to add flowers?"  Thinking there's no way a boy would want to add flowers.

"NO"  Ok, I was right.LionColoring2

"Would you like to add ribbon?"  Again thinking, he's not going to want to add ribbon.

"Yes" Huh? Ok.

Alright.  Now we have a multicolored lion that we're adding ribbon to.  I grab my scrap ribbon jar and then ask him which ribbon would he like to add.  He chooses the purple one.  Purple?  I think.  Hmmm? 

"You want me to find you some red since you said it was your favorite color?"

"No, I want purple"

By the way, he told me today purple was his favorite color.

And here is the finished product...


Now onto our last day of Blog Candy Winner.  Our prize basket winner is...




nicky w. said...

Enjoyed this post Sara!... In fact, I had to laugh out loud! Liam really is a cutie... but he looks like he's about 4 or 5? What were you thinking? Hee Hee... you're a great Aunt! I'm sure he loves you a lot!

M.R. said...

Thank you!!
You so made my day :)
I just sent you and email.