Tuesday, November 11, 2008

RAK Contest Winner

My sad little contest only had two entries. I thought this would be easy and that especially at this time of year and with so many RAK groups out there people would jump at the chance to win this set. Boy, was I wrong. OH well!

But we do have TWO winners! The grand prize winner is Nicky W. Please email me your address for the stamp set from Unity Stamp Co. Katie because you were my only other entry you will be getting a runner up prize. Thanks for playing along girls.


FibreJunky said...

Congrats to both your winners!! If you ever do it again, I hope to have time to play along (and maybe not have the flu!)

nicky w. said...

I thought like you Sara. I thought many would jump at the chance. It was a good incentive to hurry to get my cards completed and mailed out. I think I made 10 people in my life smile. That was reward enough. I should actually be giving you a prize! Thank you!

DB said...

I used to set up tests, quizzes and contests on my journal when we were all over at JLand on AOL and they were popular. But when we moved over here to Google I tried to do the same, but I got few or no entries, so I stopped. The landscape is different over here, I think, and not so easy for people to find and join in these thinga.