Sunday, October 2, 2011

ATU #41 Feeling Inspired?

Today starts another themed challenge here at All Things Unity!

This 2 week challenge is about getting inspiration from our magazines and catalogs!!! You know you have them out there, more than likely if you are anything like me you have a nice little stack or two Winking smile

Now we all know that it can all be a tad bit easier to get our inspiration from our crafty magazines, but what about say like Time or Newsweek?  I can’t say that I get these mags but my dad does so I borrowed one to see what inspired me.  Now the one pic that I did use was an ad and a little more obvious but the other that was a top contender definitely wasn’t.  I think I’ll definitely have to save it for a future project.

Here’s the picture I decided to use…


I really liked the black and white simple background with the pop of color arrow.  I decided to go with the same concept.  I just turned my arrow the other direction (to give it a more positive turn).  I added a few more elements but overall but I really like the way it turned out.


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