Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Getting Personal

I’ve thought about how I was going to write this a few times, what I was going to say and how.  But how do you go about explaining how you’ve just dropped how the face of the earth to those you’ve never really met and some you have but you do care about?

So as I sit here wondering what to write I thought the best thing to do would be is to just start, I could always edit out what didn’t sound or feel right.  Here goes…

I should probably start off with the fact with that although I am a very outgoing and personable person when it comes to personal… my personal stuff, I stuff it down.  I mean deep down, I don’t talk about it, I barely even think about it (if I do, I just stuff it down deeper).  I’m not saying whether it’s good or bad, I’m just saying it’s the way I’ve always been as long as I can remember.  That being said, something came to light about my life about 6 months ago at least emotionally and let’s just say I didn’t deal with it.  I didn’t even really talk about it.  It was just there.  I did what I always did, I put a smiling face on and put everyone else first.

That worked for a while.  Especially because my crafting has always been an outlet for me.  I mean I had started some form of it since I was about 8 years old.  I’ve always loved watching my creations take shape to their final beauty.  However, about a month ago I went to walk into my craft room and I just couldn’t do it.  The very thought of it made me want to hate it.  When you can’t even force yourself to go into your sanctuary something is most definitely wrong!!!  It was at this point I knew I had to take a step back and do some reflecting.

I have to confess, I’ve never been a diary/journal girl.  NEVER!! I tried when I was little.  It never took.  I don’t know what I have now is what I would call a diary/journal as a venting/journey into self-discovery book.  I had to be able to work things out in my mind, which sometimes meant just being able to write down my conscious stream of thought.

I’m not going to say I’m cured.  IMG_2674

I’m not even going to say that I’m ready to dive back into creating.  Wanna know why?  Ok at least one of the reasons.
This junk pile you see is my “craft space”.  Would you be inspired? 
See that opening to the right?  That goes to my foyer.
See the opening to the left?  That goes to my bedroom.
Lovely right?!?!

Ok… next….


This used to be my nephew’s room… 5 years ago, when he lived with me.  Guess what it’s going to be now?  If you guessed craft room…ding! ding! you win a prize.  I’ve got some MAJOR plans, which has me somewhat excited about the idea of getting to craft again.  I’ve already got some of the stuff picked out so I can do some MAJOR organizing.  That’s the part I’m really excited about.

I read a post today by Margie Romney-Aslett.  I’ve met her in person and she is such a very sweet person.  And I got to thinking after reading her post that you would never know that about her.  And that’s just the thing we never know the inner turmoil each of us are going through.  And I have to say I’ve been on my share of roller coaster rides lately, most of them have seemed to be going in the spiraling downward position. 

There are those of you there that have thrown me a lifeline in many different forms.  You have no idea what it has meant to me and I can’t even begin to say thank you.  I can only hope that one day I am able to do the same for you in some small way. 

Sara-290On that note, I will leave you with a smile and VERY BIG & HUGE SLOPPY HUGS!!!


Saturday, October 16, 2010

CHAPTER 35: Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Wonderland's Door

"Alice laughed so much at this, that she had to run back into the wood for fear of their hearing her; and when she next peeped out the Fish-Footman was gone, and the other was sitting on the ground near the door, staring stupidly up into the sky.

Alice went timidly up to the door, and knocked.

`There's no sort of use in knocking,' said the Footman, `and that for two reasons. First, because I'm on the same side of the door as you are; secondly, because they're making such a noise inside, no one could possibly hear you.' And certainly there was a most extraordinary noise going on within--a constant howling and sneezing, and every now and then a great crash, as if a dish or kettle had been broken to pieces.

`Please, then,' said Alice, `how am I to get in?' ~Chapter 6, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Hey everyone! It's a beautiful day here in Wonderland and we are BACK with another challenge!

Have you ever felt like Alice? Not sure which door, window, or keyhole will be opened or closed next? Not sure which direction you're going but curiouser and curiouser about them all?

What a PERFECT opportunity to explore some new avenues,and walk through new doors we bring you at Oh, Alice this week. That's right! Your challenge this week is to create a card or project using a Door, Gate, or Keyhole. Now, you can also get creative and do a gatefold technique, etc. As long as we can see it's a "Gatefold" or that there is a door, gate, or keyhole somewhere on your project! How FUN is this?

The best part? There's no time limit to play this week, so have fun and here's to opening lots of new doors in the future!


We all do hope you will take the time to play along with us this week!!  You can find the rest of the “Mad” Thirteen at Oh! Alice Challenge blog for more fun and more inspiration.

Friday, October 15, 2010

5 Layer Dip FFC

It’s all about the layers today.  I gotta tell you in all of my days of papercrafting I’ve never been one of those girls that has paid any attention to how many layers I put down… until today, when our fearless for this month Christi told us we needed to “Create a card with 5 paper layers NOT counting the base card.”  Then when you all of a sudden have to pay attention to how many layer your using it all of sudden becomes hard.

5Layers Not to shabby if I say so myself, well kinda shabby chic but not the other kinda shabby.  And I may have been able to squeak it in with Kimme’s challenge over at SCS with the Hope You Can Cling To.

Now off we go to see how the other girlies faired.



Friday, October 8, 2010

Working Fabric FFC

Christi is our awesome hostess this month and when I saw the challenge this week it really made me start to think.  Why?  Because as she puts it “For today, it's all about you. Create a project that is just for you and your enjoyment.”  EH?  Make something for me?  I think I did that once.  But to do it again?   OK!

Alright I am a HUGE reader…HUGE!!  This is what I decided to do.

TiniBookmarkAnd I think it goes really well with the Some Odd Girl Challenge too to use fabric on your creation.  That’s right the entire front is fabric and not paper.  I backed it with cardboard.  I also used one of the brand new releases from Some Odd Girl, Kiss A Prince Tia.

Gotta go see what the other girls made for their me gifts…



Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hope You Can Cling To

This month SplitCoast Stampers is partnering with UT MD Anderson Cancer Center for a month long card drive to benefit those that have been affected by breast cancer.

They kicked off the campaign Saturday on World Card Making Day (WCMD).  And I have the privilege of hosting today’s challenge and tomorrow’s.

This one is going to be a little different and take a little twist on something you already know.
Take ...

  1. Something old (preferably something that has been in your stash for a year or more, if you haven't been crafting that long *GASP* that's ok just pick your oldest thing)
  2. Something new (something just out of the wrapper or you know you just got from the store recently)

Those of you that follow the Friday Fun Challenge know we’ve done this one recently but it’s really a lot of fun and the rest of the challenge will come THIS challenge come tomorrow. 

I hope you will take the time to play along.  And then upload it to the gallery because from what I understand there will be prizes.

YumStamps: 3 Scoops
Paper:  Basic Grey Oliver (new), Neenah CS, PTI Kraft
Extras:  PTI Spring Rain Saddle Stitch Ribbon (new), Copics, AC Glitter Thickers
Everything else was old but especially the Thickers

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Did You Hear?

There’s a NEW release this week over at Some Odd Girl.  And let me just tell you if you thought I drooled over the past releases just wait until you get a load of these babies.

They are PERFECT in so many different ways.  I have had so many ideas just swirling in my head for these sweetie pies.  Now I guess I better get some of them on paper huh?  Wanna a peek?



Don’t forget it’s a new month so there’s a new freebie too!!

OK, don’t wait… RUN.  You know you want to collect all of them!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Alice didn't dare to argue the point, but went on: `-- and I thought I'd try and find my way to the top of that hill -- '

`When you say "hill,"' the Queen interrupted, `I could show you hills, in comparison with which you'd call that a valley.'

`No, I shouldn't,' said Alice, surprised into contradicting her at last: `a hill can't be a valley, you know. That would be nonsense -- '

The Red Queen shook her head, `You may call it "nonsense" if you like,' she said, ` but I've heard nonsense, compared with which that would be as sensible as a dictionary!'

--Ch. 2: Through the Looking Glass

Greetings from Wonderland! Before we commence this week's challenge, LOTS of tea-toasting to our FABULOUS new October Guest at Tea: DONNA BUDZYNSKI! Donna's amazing work caught our eye a while back and we are thrilled to have her joining us! A VERY MERRY unbirthday to you, Donna! WELCOME!

DT member Lynne is challenging us this week is to use TEXT in a NONSENSE way - not to read, but as a pattern in your card. Use a page from an old dictionary or other book, stamp a background text stamp or use a text-patterned paper in your creation. Link up your NEW CREATIONS and the design team will stop by to do some CREATIVE READING as we look at your entries this week!

The Greeting Farm is our SPONSOR this week, and not only are we thrilled to have them again, the prize just got sweeter! There is a RUBBER SINGLE OF CHOICE up for grabs for this challenge AS WELL as the highly-sought after "Wonderland" digital stamp set!
Nonsense you say? Believe it! You have through Friday, October 8th at 8pm CST to enter to WIN the above prizes! We'll announce our lucky winner on Saturday, October 9th with the next challenge here at Oh, Alice!

Now last week’s challenge was Chapter 32: Journey to the Center of the Earth where Jen challenged us to fall down the rabbit hole… literally.  She wanted us to create a card with a window or a card.  Last week I was sick but I had already created some of my card and I wanted to finish it so I did.


Friday, October 1, 2010

Welcome Little FFC

As we approach WCMD I’m a little apprehensive because I gotta tell ya I’ve never had a chance to play along.  Something has always come up.  This may be the first year I get to do anything and I’m not sure what to do. 

Christi tried to prep us a little bit for it though in this week’s challenge.  She literally broke up the letters of WCMD and gave us something to do.

W – Write or doodle on your card
C – Corner Punch
M – Magenta
D – Damask

I realized as I was editing my picture that I forgot to doodle my hearts on though and I have a confession that I didn’t feel like retaking the picture.  Since I’m giving this to my friend tomorrow because they went into labor today to give birth to their brand new baby girl, I’m not sure it will happen.  Another 1st because I don’t usually give away my cards this fast when I make them unless I specifically make something on the fly for someone.  I must be on a roll.  UH OH!!  Watch out!! hehe

WelcomeOwls Can’t wait to see what the other girlies came up with since I flaked on my own challenge last week because I was so sick & in bed.  URGH!


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Krafty Day with Kraftin Kimmie

It's Krafty Day! IT'S KRAFTY DAY!!! Today Kraftin Kimmie is having their very first stampin' day and I am SO excited for them!! A bunch of the Krafty Girls and Kimmie will be spending the day stamping with some wonderful stampin' friends!  I am so jealous because I wish I was there too!

However not to dwell.  It's time for another awesome challenge featuring your Kraftin' Kimmie Stamps! Our fantastic hostess this week is the Exciting ELAINE!!! She has come up with a great Colour Challenge for us.....Orange, Green and Purple!!


Wanna see what else everyone did & have your chance at some Kraftin Kimmie goodness?  Then go check out the rest of the details at the Kraftin Kimmie Challenge Blog.

Check back later for me Oh! Alice post.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Tinies Are HERE!!!

It’s new release day over at Some Odd Girl.  And we have a new set of images coming out.  All equally adorable.  The Tinies.


And in case you forgot how they look used, here’s how I’ve used them recently.

HanginOutJust too cute, right? 

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Drained of Color (Post 2 of 2)

It’s the end of the week but time for a new challenge over at the Kraftin’ Kimme Challenge blog and this week’s challenge is to be black and white.  I have to admit this one was a real challenge for me.  I didn’t have a lot of black and white stuff to work with.  I had to go digging in my scrap bin for pile for paper I thought would work.  I was so happy with the stuff I found.


I like the way it turned out considering that I didn’t color it with Copics but with Prismas.  Then added highlights with a Glitter Pen & Smooch Moonlight. 

CHAPTER 31: Fighting for the CROWN

`Why the Lion and the Unicorn, of course,' said the King.
`Fighting for the crown?'

`Yes, to be sure,' said the King: `and the best of the joke is, that it's my crown all the while! Let's run and see them.' And they trotted off, Alice repeating to herself, as she ran, the words of the old song: --

`The Lion and the Unicorn were fighting for the crown:
The Lion beat the Unicorn all round the town.
Some gave them white bread, some gave them brown;
Some gave them plum-cake and drummed them out of town.'

Hey everyone! We have a wonderful challenge today and a prize at stake from The Mad Hatter herself! Jessica will be giving away an {Ippity} prize pack of stamps plus a nice array of 6x6 designer paper to ONE lucky winner this week who is "Crowned" by Random.org!

Speaking of crowns, THAT's this week's challenge, brought to you by our very own Twisted Sis Sammi: Use CROWNS and/or MYTHICAL Creatures on your card or creation today! Here's some mystic madness brought to you by our Twisted team:


Have a very regal day in WONDERLAND!

Friday, September 17, 2010

It’s Still Friday

Right?  I’m late, I know.  I’ve been busy putting my kits together for my class tomorrow.  I’m so excited.  It’s in support of breast cancer.  Which is what inspired this challenge.  I don’t have a total card to share but I’m giving you a peek of what I’m sharing on All Things Unity on Sunday because we will be doing something similar.

NeverSm I hope you will take the time to play with us in support of Breast Cancer and then take the time to check out the other Sassy Girlie Girls.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Send In the Clowns & Cake

Today Kraftin’ Kimmie Stamps is releasing their new FAB-U-LOUS September images! As you’ve seen over the last few days in our Krafty Peeks, Annie Rodrigue has created some sweet and sassy ladies this month! There are five images in the complete set and they are Annette, Betty, Jayne, Raychel and Samantha and each one comes with it’s own sexy sentiment!!

And Steven Leary is back with Miles the Mouse and some new friends! This month they are sharing some sweet times at a birthday party AND getting ready for some fall fun! You’ll get to check them all out in today’s September release day KRAFTY HOP!!

If you want to start from the beginning, just head over to the Kraftin’ Kimmie Challenge Blog! As you hop from blog to blog, be sure to leave a comment at each and every stop because some lucky stampers will win packages of stamps from the new release!! And when you’re done hoppin’, be sure to head over to the Kraftin’ Kimmie shop, because ALL the new images are NOW available!

Also, you enjoyed the ‘Gimme Kimmie’s Kits’ so much last month, that we’re doing it again!! For those of you who just HAVE to have all the new images, we’ve got the perfect thing for you! It’s called the ‘Gimme Kimmies Kit’!!! Instead of clicking on each image that you’d like, you only have to click once to pick up a Gimme Kimmies Kit AND it’s at a discounted price!! What could be better???


Would like like to see more well hop on over to Diana’s blog

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pink & Girlie Girl (Post 2 of 2)

Not only is it time for another sneak peek for Kraftin Kimmie Stamps but it’s also time for a new challenge on the Kraftin Kimmie Challenge blog.

If I’ve got this right it looks we are up to Challenge #45 and we are all girl!!  Which is absolutely perfect for this release!!

We’re going PINK & free glitter text and family website at FamilyLobby.com!!


Gotta love how hawt these girls are!!  I just wish you could see all the glittery stuff I used on here.

Don’t forget to check out the Kraftin Kimmie Challenge blog to play and have your chance at winning Kraftin Kimmie stamps

Stamps:  Kraftin Kimmie – Raychel
Paper: PTI Vintage Cream, Neenah CS, Girls Paperie – Newprint Stripe
Ink: Memento Tuxedo Black, DI Spun Sugar, Barn Door
Extras: Copics, Heart Charm, Siren Smooch, K&Co Ribbon, MM Pink Staples, Nestabilities, Spicas, Recollections Swirls

CHAPTER 30: Hey there, Nice Stems... (Post 1 of 2)

Just as Alice said this, she noticed that one of the trees had a door leading right into it. `That's very curious!' she thought. `But everything's curious today. I think I may as well go in at once.' And in she went.

Once more she found herself in the long hall, and close to the little glass table. `Now, I'll manage better this time,' she said to herself, and began by taking the little golden key, and unlocking the door that led into the garden.

Then she went to work nibbling at the mushroom (she had kept a piece of it in her pocked) till she was about a foot high: then she walked down the little passage: and THEN--she found herself at last in the beautiful garden, among the bright flower-beds and the cool fountains..."

Hello out there! It's a lovely day here in Wonderland and we are celebrating the summer with a nature theme today! Well, TREES and FLOWERS and BIRDS to be more exact! (NOTE: And apparently I can’t even read the original challenge because all I saw was that it was a sketch challenge, I know bless my heart).  We scored a GREAT sketch sponsored by PAGEMAPS today that is just perfect for today's theme:
See I just wanted to make up for the fact that I had messed up last week and had neglected my poor Sparkle Creations stamp.  Well, I did give it the attention it deserved this week and even managed to use the sketch.  Just not the elements…ay yiyi.

RockinOutWell if you would like to see the design team creations that actually did the challenge correctly, you can stop in by the Oh! Alice Challenge blog for a full run down.  MWAH!!  And have a great weekend.

Stamps: Sparkle Creations – Turntable Josh
Paper: Prima Youth Collection, PTI Soft Stone, Neenah CS
Ink: Memento Tuxedo Black, DI Distressed Wood
Extras: Copics, Sharpie Silver Poster Paint, Glitter Pen, I wanna say MM Vacation Bottle Cap

Friday, September 10, 2010

Going in Circles FFC (Post 2 of 2)

If you are looking for the Kraftin Kimme Post please scroll down.

I have to say when I came up with challenges this month I decided to go a little easy on the group.  I kinda came to the “executive decision”, as my boss puts it, that we needed a break.  Not a formal break but a, well I think you know what I mean.  When I came up with this one I just said Use Circles, Interpret as you like

Now as I was getting ready for this challenge, I was going through some of my stuff I got & did at CKC Charlotte.  And I came across a Make~N~Take I did at the Glimmer Mist booth… it’s covered it circle shapes.  I got a AH-HA moment & decided to work it into my card.

TravelCardOf course I added a few more of my own with a new impression plate I had gotten when I went to CHA.  Plus a few other little extras.

Now I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to see what the other girls did for CIRCLES


Stamps: Unity Stamp Co – Simply Magical (Nov 09)
Ink: Versafine Black, DI Pumice Stone
Paper: PTI Kraft, & I have no idea
Extras: Tim Holtz Key & ribbon my buddy
Kimme sent me, PTI Impression Plate – Sunshine, The rest I don’t know b/c it was the MnT so I’ll just say Glimmer Mist

Fly Me to the Moon Annette

BlueMoonAd1Let me play among the stars.  Now see I think this would be fun.  Now before I go rambling on about how much I used to be into sun, moons & stars.  I used to have my room/bathroom decorated in it.  OOPS, kinda did anyway. 

It just kinda brings me to my card today.  When I went to use the sneak today of Annette, I just pictured her sitting on a moon.  Ya know, swinging.  It kind of reminded me of the old pin up ads.  I LOVE THOSE!!  Actually I just love vintage things.  Antique things.  Old things or however you want to put it.

So without further adieu I introduce to you my version of Annette…

FlyMetotheMoonIsn’t she smoldering?  And I gotta tell you that even the other sentiments Kimmie has work perfectly with the new releases.

Make sure you check out the rest of the sneaks that are going on today by going to the Kraftin Kimmie Stamps blog.

Stamps: Annette, Kimmie’s Sassy Sentiments
Ink: Memento Tuxedo Black, Versafine Black
Paper: Scrap Yellow, Girls Paperie Newsprint Stripe, PTI Vintage Cream, Neenah CS
Extras: Copics, MM Stick Pin, Recollections Swirls, Spicas, Smooch Moonlight, Cricut Graphically Speaking, Glitter Pen, Spare Jewel for eye

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Multiply SOGgy

Have you been playing along with the Some Odd Girl Challenge blog?  Did you know we have a new challenge up all the time?

I gotta say I love them because they really make you think outside the box.  Especially with them being digi images.

This week’s challenge is to use multiple images… 3 or more.  I just loved this!!

And you get to preview one of the Monkees & some of the Tinis that are coming out soon.

HanginOut If you want to play you can see all the details at the SOG Challenge blog.  And don’t forget!!  We’ve got a contest going on where you have a chance to win the Monkee set plus a lot more.

Stamps:  Ice Cream Tia, Daisy Tia, Hang Out
Paper: Cosmo Cricket Material Girl, Neenah CS
Extras: Copics, Prisma, ek Success Punch, Bobbin Ribbon, Mod Brads

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What’s My Name?

Couple of really cute announcements…

PLUS a contest!!

1st… Some Odd Girl has totally redone their website.  You really have to go check it out.  Lemme tell you it freakin rocks!!


2nd…  LOOKIE!!!

monkee-thumbs Ok, tell me how cute they are!!  I think my personal favorite has to be the one in the tree, I THINK, because I probably will change my mind later.  Which brings me right to the contest.

Some Odd Girl is doing a contest, that’s right I said a contest.

Name the monkee!!  HEHE

There’s some great prizes up for grabs… like Copics, a $40 gift certificate to CSN, PLUS oh did I mention

the entire MONKEE set!!

For more details make sure you check out the Monkee Contest page

Here’s a sample with one of the cuties, wish I could say I did it.


Saturday, September 4, 2010

CHAPTER 29: What makes YOU Shine....or SPARKLE?...

`Why, what are YOUR shoes done with?' said the Gryphon. `I mean, what makes them so shiny?'

Alice looked down at them, and considered a little before she gave her answer. `They're done with blacking, I believe.'

`Boots and shoes under the sea,' the Gryphon went on in a deep voice, `are done with a whiting. Now you know.'

`And what are they made of?' Alice asked in a tone of great curiosity.

`Soles and eels, of course,' the Gryphon replied rather impatiently: `any shrimp could have told you that.'

`If I'd been the whiting,' said Alice, whose thoughts were still running on the song, `I'd have said to the porpoise, "Keep back, please: we don't want YOU with us!"'

`They were obliged to have him with them,' the Mock Turtle said: `no wise fish would go anywhere without a porpoise.'

`Wouldn't it really?' said Alice in a tone of great surprise.

Hello everyone! We are back for our first challenge of September with some EXCITING news!

Today we are still sad about the departure of some of our friends from our Twisted little table, but we are THRILLED to welcome some new members!

A glistening welcome to CREEPY GLOWBUGG GLORIA and ANDREA MURDOCK! We also are THRILLED to be bringing back EMMA EADS as our faithful "Dormouse"-she'll be around to scope out your creations and leave you some love! Last but not least, welcome to Kellie Winnell as our September Guest Tea Party Member! LOTS going on today! We are thrilled to have these ladies with us and know they will really SHINE!


Remember , you have until FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 10th at 8pm CST to enter this contest! Winner will be posted on Saturday 9/11's post and good luck to all who enter!

Have fun and GET SHIMMERY, SPARKLY and FABULOUS in Wonderland this week!

Plus I have some other REALLY good news!!!!!  I get to guest design for Kraftin Kimmie Stamps this month.  I am so excited and can’t wait to start showing you the peeks of what’s to come this next week.  It’s going to be awesome as usual!!

ETA:  So apparently when you are putting up posts at 2:30 in the morning you can forget quite a bit, like the fact you combined two challenges.  Your Oh! Alice Challenge and the Kraftin Kimmie Challenge, where she is having us use a sketch.

sketch (1)You got Kimmie stamps?  Want a chance at more?  Go check out the Challenge blog, play along with the sketch and you could win a new stamp.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Sending Hugs FFC

Hey babes!!  It’s time for a long weekend and I am so ready for it.  I can’t even begin to tell you.  It will feel nice to relax a little.  HMMM, what’s that like right?  hehe. 

I must warn you I am the hostess for this month for the Friday Fun Challenge.  The first I think will be kinda fun.  It’s along the lines of Something Old/Something New.  Use something in you haven’t broken outta the wrapper yet & something that you haven’t used in quite a while.  That way you get the best of both worlds.  Or at least that’s my view on it.

SendingHugsWith all the things I’ve been doing lately between CHA & CKC I had plenty I could break outta wrapper, it was just a matter of choosing what.

I went with a set of stamps from PaperTrey Ink (Friends Til The End) and Ribbon from MFT (gorgeous ribbon that I really would LOVE to get more of!!)
As for the old, I used a stick pin & twine that I’ve had for a while, don’t even get me started on the paper.

I can’t wait to see how the rest of the sassy girls did the Old & New challenge…


Stamp: Friends Til the End
Ink: Lady Bug, Rhubarb Stalk, Tangelo, Desert Sand, Tuxedo Black
Paper: PTI Summer Sunrise
Extras: MFT Ruffled Ribbon, Twine, Stick Pin

Saturday, August 28, 2010

CHAPTER 28: Child of the Pure Unclouded Brow

Child of the pure unclouded brow
And dreaming eyes of wonder!
Though time be fleet, and I and thou
Are half a life asunder,
Thy loving smile will surely hail
The love-gift of a fairy-tale.

I have not seen thy sunny face,
Nor heard thy silver laughter;
No thought of me shall find a place
In thy young life's hereafter -
Enough that now thou wilt not fail
To listen to my fairy-tale.

Hello everyone! We are celebrating the wonder of childhood today here at Oh, Alice and are thrilled to announce this week's sponsor, Paper Pretties Stamps! Are you all familiar with Paper Pretties? If you're new to them, check out their darling images! If it's been a while, Paper Pretties is PROUD to announce that they're under NEW ownership and is pleased to offer you faster, cheaper shipping, reliable service, and lots of new items in the store. We are thrilled to congratulate Heather Lee-Reppen on her new endeavor and are honored to have her sponsorship this week!

Paper Pretties is offering a Prize package of rubber stamps this week to ONE lucky winner!

Before we get to this week's theme, a bittersweet Goodbye is in order to our FABULOUS August Guest, Stephanie Jones as well as two of our full time twisted sisters, Kim and Kristy. We are SO sad to see you all go and THANK YOU-ALL of you for such a wonderfully twisted time! HUGS!!!!

This week's theme is simply to make a card with a LITTLE GIRL theme:)Alice is such a whimsical free spirit and we LOVE that about her! Channel your inner girlie this week with this great (and free-to-be-you!) challenge! 


Friday, August 27, 2010

Let’s Make Some Origami

NO!! Just kidding!!

I don’t think I could make origami to save my life unless it was to make one of those things we made as a kid where you wrote different things on the insides and got different outcomes.  Can’t remember what they are called.

However we are making cards that aren’t your standard folds as Kimme puts it.  No regular top or side folds.  This is your chance to try out stair step, pop up, accordion fold, the list goes on.  I went with gate fold. I guess I should also warn you that I think that my mojo is gone.  So not one of my favorite cards.



Wanna see other kinds of folds there are?  You might wanna check out the other Sassy girls…


Stamps: MFT – Well Read
Ink: Memento Rich Cocoa
Paper: Basic Grey Basics, Rest is Scraps of Basic Grey Blue & SEI
Extras: Prismas, Shimmerz, Dienamics Die, Bookmark Looking Thingy (yes I know very technical) been in my stash for-evah!!  I think it maybe Karen Foster

Friday, August 20, 2010

InStyle with FFC

I'm going to make this quick because I've been having all kinds of problems today between computers & cameras.  OH MY!!  I would like to give a humongous thank you to both Kimme & Virginia (with InStyle stamps) for taking care of us with this challenge!!

Please make sure you go see what the other girls ROCKED out as well!!Christi Jimmi Kim Kimme Sherry


Saturday, August 14, 2010

CHAPTER 26: Sizing up a Sketch...

"The Caterpillar was the first to speak.

`What size do you want to be?' it asked.

`Oh, I'm not particular as to size,' Alice hastily replied; `only one doesn't like changing so often, you know.'

`I DON'T know,' said the Caterpillar.

Alice said nothing: she had never been so much contradicted in her life before, and she felt that she was losing her temper.

`Are you content now?' said the Caterpillar.

`Well, I should like to be a LITTLE larger, sir, if you wouldn't mind,' said Alice: `three inches is such a wretched height to be.'

`It is a very good height indeed!' said the Caterpillar angrily, rearing itself upright as it spoke (it was exactly three inches high).

`But I'm not used to it!' pleaded poor Alice in a piteous tone. And she thought of herself, `I wish the creatures wouldn't be so easily offended!'

`You'll get used to it in time,' said the Caterpillar; and it put the hookah into its mouth and began smoking again..."

Hello! How is everyone here in Wonderland today?

We are sizing up a GREAT sketch by JEN and the main panel just HAPPENS to be THREE. INCHES. TALL. :) Now, of course you don't have to stick to this if your image won't fit, but we didn't want to anger Mr. Caterpillar by saying that Three inches wasn't a respectable height, so here's the sketch:



Believe it or not I am currently in Charlotte at CKC and I made this in the hotel room on my bed from the stuff that I got today.  The only thing I had prepared beforehand was my image…thank goodness!! 

Wanna get further inspired?  Go check out what the other team made at the Oh! Alice Challenge blog.

Stamps: Some Odd Girl – Inchie & Mae as Alice Pose
Ink: SU Close to Cocoa
Paper: Bazzill Oatmeal, PTI White, October Afternoon Fly A Kite
Extras: Copics, Technique Tuesdays Baseboards, Creative Imaginations – Marah Johnson Flower Embellie

Friday, August 13, 2010


We’re heading outdoors!!  Ok, so some of us are.  I’m not, hehe.  My mom & I are heading to Charlotte to CKC.  However Kimme, our cutie pie host this month, is going camping this weekend.  She wants us to take our creations outdoors nonetheless.  That’s why she issued us a color challenge with outdoorsy colors (her words), greens & browns.  I went with that & with some wildflowers too.  If you’re coming here from All Things Unity then you’ve already seen the tutorial, if not then you might want to go over then to check it out.

FinalIn doing this technique, I’ve really gotten to love this stamp for it.

Now I’m ready for my picnic with my other girls…


If you are wondering as to where you can get kits, I do have plenty left over from when I taught this.  Please feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Using Whatcha Got

One of the major perks to me as being part of the Stash a SOGgy girl is that they are challenging me to use it up.  That’s right, I don’t know if you believe this or not I have a stash.  Are you as shocked as I am?  image

For the first challenge that I am participating in, however, it is Stash Challenge #6.  It is to use Ribbons & Rubons.  I really didn’t have a problem with either because it’s not like I didn’t have both.  My main problem was finding the right rubon to use.  Yet, I found the perfect one.

KissSmileNow ya gotta go check out what the other girls did because they did an amazing job.

Robin M

And of course if you wanna play along, cause ya know with these kind of things there’s going to be prizes.  OH!! Did I mention that we’re introducing new stamps?  Ya gotta check out all these cuties!!

Stamps: Kissy Mae
Paper: PTI Soft Stone & Select White, Basic Grey – Olivia
Extras: Ribbon Bobbin, Copics, DCWV Friendship Rubon


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Girls

For you that don’t know I was able to make it CHA a couple of weeks ago.  I can’t believe it’s been a couple of weeks already.
Before I went I wanted to make up little gifts for my girls.  I was able (ok, so I only remembered) to get a picture of a couple of them.
ANecklace Not all of them had watch pieces and I made all of them were made to match their favorite color.  I tried to make all of them unique.
In the next few weeks I’m hoping to being selling these in my etsy store.  If you have any requests let me know and I’ll go ahead and start putting something together.